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How To Complete Charles Rookwoods Trial In Hogwarts Legacy

The second trial in Hogwarts Legacy is for Charles Rookwood. Check out this guide to find out How To Complete Charles Rookwoods Trial In Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can move on with the game and get into the next season.

How To Complete Charles Rookwoods Trial In Hogwarts Legacy

For the first room you will need to go through the arch way so you have the blue glow around your screen. You can use your spell to move the golden cube. You need to put it near the ledge so you can jump up when you go back through the red archway portal. Put it in place and do so.

Next part is pretty simple. Hit the icon on the wall to switch the archway. Pull the cube through the arch way and then hit the switch on the wall again. Now you can cross through to the next area.

Another simple one here. The the target to move the archway. Go through the archway and hit the target again to switch the archway while you are behind it. The bridge should now be there so you can cross.

The last one is a little tricky until you know what to do. You need to pull the gold cube through the blue portal and then put it up on the ledge near where you came in at. Then you can go through the red archway to make the bridge appear above you. Hit the switch on the wall to move the bridge to the pillar and you can hop on. Follwo the path to the boss.

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