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How To Complete Juggernaut Trailblazer In Forza Horizon 5

This is one of the Finale events in Forza Horizon 5. This guide on How To Complete Juggernaut Trailblazer In Forza Horizon 5 will tell you how to complete this challenge as it’s a very long drive and if you mess it up right at the end, you will fail the entire thing and have to repeat the process from start to finish.

This is a strange Finale as all of the other Finale’s provide players with a premade track and easy to follow objectives. Trailblazer’s are unique as they provide a destination, but not a path of travel. As such, you will find that nearly all of this mission is off-road. You will need to dodge trees and rocks as you fly across the fields aiming to reach the objective within the required time. The mission starts at the top near the volcano, and you need to drive all the way to the objective which is an old temple.

How To Complete Juggernaut Trailblazer In Forza Horizon 5

How To Complete Juggernaut Trailblazer In Forza Horizon 5
It’s a long way but it’s relatively easy to get there if you follow the objective marker directly. Just take to the fields and drive straight there. Make sure you take a vehicle that is both fast and capable of handling off-road tracks. The path to reach the objective is fairly simple and straight forward, but it’s the very final few seconds where you can get it wrong. As you approach the temple it can be easy to get confused and head straight for the objective but if you travel underneath the temple and go past the actual objective, you will fail the entire race and have to start from scratch.

That sucks. If you’re here, that means it’s likely you’ve already suffered this problem. Hopefully, the second time, you can get it. When you reach the temple area do not go under the temple. You will see that there is a large ramp that leads to the very top of the largest building in the temple area. If you look at the top of this ramp, you will see the green markers for the objective. Ride up the ramp and through the markers to complete the challenge.

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