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How To Complete The Abandoned Shack Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Rumors are unique side quests that direct Cal to exciting locations. This guide on How To Complete The Abandoned Shack Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor explains how you can fulfill the requirements of the rumor so that it becomes completed and is removed from your rumor tracker.

It’s worth noting that there are two distinct elements to the Abandoned Shack area. There is the Abandoned Shack itself, and then there is a deep and complex cave structure underneath that you can access via the basement doors. To complete this rumor you do not need to explore the basement area, everything you require is above ground and can be found with a single ability unlocked through story progress.

How To Complete The Abandoned Shack Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

As you can get rumors before you are physically able to complete them, you want to follow the main story until you unlock the ability for Cal to mount the wildlife. Once you have that ability you can solve the Abandoned Shack rumor. Opposite the front door of the shack there is a small pathway between some rocks that leads to a dark cave-like area. Inside the cave is an animal that you can mount.

You need to mount the beast and then walk up to the nearby wall, behind the Abandoned Shack, that has scratches on it – this signifies that you are able to wall run on this particular section of wall. Jump on the mount then double jump off to reach the wall. Run along the wall and jump to the other side. You will see one of the dispensers that dispenses the orb-like droids that explode. You simply need to have your droid activate the dispenser to make a droid appear.

Have it chase you to the nearby edge and then use force pull to grab it. Aim down at the Abandoned Shack and you will see a hole in the roof. Throw the droid through that hole to destroy the metal melted door down below. Then, simply grab the chest behind the door to complete the rumor.

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