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How To Complete The Merlin Trial South East Of Upper Hogsfield In Hogwarts Legacy

This is one of the puzzles with the braziers that must be lit. In this guide on How To Complete The Merlin Trial South East Of Upper Hogsfield In Hogwarts Legacy we cover this particular location as unlike some of the others, the basic fire spells will not be enough to complete this challenge.

There are many Merlin Trial puzzles scattered around the world map in Hogwarts Legacy. While there are many variations, it’s finite. This means that there will be identical Merlin Trial challenges in multiple locations. As such, even if this location is not the same location you have for this puzzle in the game, the solution will always be the same. So as long as you’re looking at the same puzzle mechanics, such as the pillars, orbs, or cubes, you will be able to find the solution by watching another version of the same trial.

How To Complete The Merlin Trial South East Of Upper Hogsfield In Hogwarts Legacy

There are many brazier Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy and each is solved in the same way. There are three braziers, each at a different height. When you light a brazier it begins burying into the ground. If any of the braziers fall underground before all three are lit, they are extinguished and you have to start the puzzle again.

This particular location is different because unlike many of the other brazier puzzles, Incendio, the fire spell you start with, is not enough as the range is too limited. You need to progress through the story until you unlock Confringo. This is also a fire spell but one with much more range. Then you simply need to light all three braziers quickly and you complete the Merlin Trial.

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