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How To Complete Windmill’s In Dying Light 2

Windmill’s provide unique parkour challenges and can be assigned to a faction. This guide on How To Complete Windmill’s In Dying Light 2 will tell you how to complete each of the Windmill’s in the game as there are a number of mechanics not fully explained during the Windmill tutorial.

Windmill’s can be a frustrating mess in Dying Light 2. This is both due to the parkour controls and the buggy nature of some parts of the game. Several Windmills are locked behind specific stats. Before attempting a Windmill, check your map. Highlight the icon and it will tell you if there are any specific abilities or stamina requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to complete the Windmill, and it will be red on the map. Try later when you have the correct stats.

How To Complete Windmill’s In Dying Light 2

Some of the Windmill’s are very basic. You simply progress up the path clearly highlighted by the yellow rags and edges to show you where to climb. However, some of them are bugged at the moment and you’re unable to complete them without a ton of luck. We’ve highlighted some of the Windmill’s we’ve completed so far. We will update with more Windmill’s as we progress through the game.

  • Maple Windmill – Part of the story
  • Willow Windmill – Just follow the platforms up
  • Alder Windmill – Use the bounce pad (marked by an X) to jump up and follow the path
  • Birch Windmill – Jump onto the first rising block and then turn to jump on the other. Climb around to the side of this rising block to reach the other platform
  • Cherry Windmill – Requires 300 Stamina
  • Walnut Windmill –
  • Pine Windmill –
  • Juniper Windmill – Bugged
  • Hickory Windmill – Bugged
  • Spruce Windmill – Requires 300 Stamina
  • Teak Windmill – Requires 300 Stamina
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