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How To Complete Zip It Up In The Escapists 2

How To Complete Zip It Up In The Escapists 2
Rattlesnake Springs is a far stretch from the open freedom and lack of routine from previous prisons, so put on your big boy pants. This guide will tell you How To Complete Zip It Up In The Escapists 2 so you can flee from the prison, obtain your key for completing the objective and move on to bigger prisons.

Use THIS to make the perfect escape

How To Complete Zip It Up In The Escapists 2

This is quite a complex and lengthy objective. You need to craft multiple items, obtain a key from a prison guard, and then escape through an intricate series of rooms and locked doors. Follow our step by step guide for ease of use. First up, you need to craft your crossbow.

  • Reach 60 Intellect
  • Find 2x Timber
  • Find 1x Bolt
  • Find 1x String
  • Find 1x Glue
  • Find 1x Dowel (Hard to find sometimes. It’s usually found fastest buying from an inmate)

That’s enough for both parts of the crossbow. Now you need to prepare the items to copy a key from a guard. Collect the following:

  • 1x Talcing Powder
  • 1x Toothpaste
  • 1x Lighter
  • 1x Comb or Toothbrush

Then craft Molten Plastic and Wad of Putty. Now you need to find the guard with the red key. The best way to do this is literally beat down every guard. Do it inside so you don’t get sniped. Eventually you’ll find the one with the red key, but don’t take it yet. That will mark them on your map. Grab your putty and then lure the guard somewhere secluded. This is the hard part. If you get 100 heat and go outside, you will get sniped. Try to lure the guard back to your cell. Kill them inside, tie them down, copy the key and then hide and wait for heat to drop below 75.

Then use the Molten Plastic with the Mould to create the key

How To Complete Zip It Up In The Escapists 2 Red Doors

Once you have the crossbow, the key and the mould. Run to the North and enter the double red doors. From there just move upwards, to the very top floor. Then interact with the noose like object at the top.

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