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How To Craft Arrows In Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy’s primary weapon is a deadly bow. You’ll be fighting lots of machines on your adventure so ammo is always a problem. This guide on How To Craft Arrows In Horizon Forbidden West will tell you how the crafting system works, in relation to crafting more ammo for your bow, in case you missed or forgot the introductory sequence at the start of the game.

The first hour or so of Horizon Forbidden West acts as both a tutorial and a recap of the previous story, while also introducing the new narrative direction for the sequel. During the tutorial section you’re taught how the basic functions of combat work, how to craft, etc. However, it is done at quite the pace so if you’ve already forgotten how to craft arrows, worry not, we’ve got everything you need right here.

How To Craft Arrows In Horizon Forbidden West

Crafting arrows works in a very similar way to switching weapons. It’s a quick and relatively safe process as the time is slowed slightly while navigating the interface, but it doesn’t stop completely, so make sure you don’t try to craft a second before you’re about to get lobotomized by a giant dinosaur robot. If you want to craft arrows you simply need to open the weapon wheel.

Holding L1 will slow time and open the weapon wheel. This is where you can see a wheel of all the weapons Aloy currently has equipped. Highlight the bow on the weapon wheel and then hold X to craft arrows. You will not be able to craft arrows if your inventory is already full. This method works for crafting ammo for any of the weapons Aloy carries, such as Blastslings.

  • Crafting ammo for any weapon works in the same way
  • Hold L1 to open the weapon wheel and then navigate to the desired weapon
  • Highlighting the weapon, hold X to craft its required ammo. You cannot craft more ammo if your capacity has already been reached
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