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How To Craft Blueprints In Ooblets

How To Craft Blueprints In Ooblets
Some items, like the Basic Sprinkler, are delivered in Blueprint form. This guide on How To Craft Blueprints In Ooblets explains the crafting process as blueprints cannot be activated or accessed from your inventory, instead you must find a specific location to craft items.

Whenever you want to craft an item in Ooblets, you need to find the appropriate crafting station. Cooking is easy and simple enough, there’s a small stove inside the farmhouse that lets you prepare basic recipes. However, other crafting options are not so simple, requiring you to locate the crafting station before you are able to craft certain items, such as blueprints.

How To Craft Blueprints In Ooblets

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In order to craft new items from Blueprints, you will need a Fabricuter. Later in the game it’s very possible you will be able to make a Fabricuter and have it stored at your farmhouse (Although you may need to upgrade the house first). However, before that time, you can access a Fabricuter elsewhere.

Head into the heart of town and look for Manatwee, it’s the furniture shop that has the picture of a chair on the sign. Head inside and take a left. You will see a machine churning away in the corner, near a small Ooblets door. Interact with the machine. Once you select the machine it will display a list of all the different items you can craft using blueprints. It’s very limited at first but using Wishes to unlock more blueprints will increase the different items you are able to craft at this station. It’s also where you make the Sprinkler, one of the earliest blueprints you can unlock.

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