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How To Craft High End (Gold/Yellow) Items In The Division 2

How To Craft High End (GoldYellow) Items In The Division 2
Crafting plays a huge role in developing your character in The Division 2. This guide will explain How To Craft High End (Gold/Yellow) Items In The Division 2 as they are among the most powerful items you are able to craft, making Strongholds and The Dark Zone much easier for you and your team.

When you discover most Blueprints in the game, they are permanent Blueprints. This means you will always have access to craft those Blueprints as long as you own the required materials. The rarity and power of the item you can craft is not based on your level or the materials, but instead is based on the Crafting Level of your workbench.

How To Craft High End (Gold/Yellow) Items In The Division 2

To avoid spoilers, we won’t include the exact missions. As you progress through the game, doing Main Story Missions and leveling up, you will get a notification that you have received a Crafting Bench upgrade. This is NOT automatic.

Head to the crafting station inside your Base of Operations. Interact with it and look at the information that appears on the left. If you have progressed far enough into the story, you will see a ! icon, as shown in the image at the top of the post.

If you see the ! icon you are able to upgrade your Crafting Station. You do this by holding Square or X, it will show you the appropriate button at the bottom of the User Interface. Each time you upgrade your Crafting Station, you can craft the next level of your Blueprints.

And that’s How To Craft High End Items In The Division 2.

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