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How To Craft More Arrows In Elden Ring

Arrows can be very strong in Elden Ring, so it’s very easy to run out. This guide on How To Craft More Arrows In Elden Ring will tell you how you can replenish your ammo as although you can find arrows in the world, and even purchase them from some merchants, the best way to keep your quiver full is to craft your own.

While many classes can use bows, the Samurai starts with both regular arrows and fire arrows. As such, it’s easy to get carried away, dealing incredible damage from afar and avoiding all the risks of melee combat. However, before long, you’ll find yourself running low on ammunition. This is when you want to start crafting your own arrows.

How To Craft More Arrows In Elden Ring

If you want to craft more arrows you need to visit X the merchant, he’s at the church just after you start the game. When you speak with him you can purchase different items. One of the items is the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [1]. This costs about 500 to buy. Once you buy it, it unlocks brand-new crafting recipes that you can use.

These include Bone Arrows, Bone Arrow Fletched, and Bone Bolts. This will now let you make Bone ammo for your crossbow or regular bow whenever you please, as long as you have the basic ingredients required to craft the items.

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