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How To Craft Weapons When It Says You Don’t Have The Materials In Undawn

Are you trying to craft a weapon but the game doesn’t recognize you have the materials? This guide on How To Craft Weapons When It Says You Don’t Have The Materials In Undawn will tell you everything you need to know to figure this out so you can begin crafting new weapons and armor.

The first time you will encounter this problem is likely when you are trying to make the Timber Wolves Assault Top, which is part of the Timber Wolves set and is a requirement for completing one of the objectives in the Wilderness Survival Adventure Guide in the Arm Yourself Category.

How To Craft Weapons When It Says You Don’t Have The Materials In Undawn

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If you are attempting to craft a weapon at the Workbench and the materials don’t match up with what’s in your inventory, it’s likely because you haven’t Refined the materials. For example, when we encountered this problem, we attempted to make the Timber Wolves Assault Top. One of the materials required is Wooden Boards and the Wooden Boards required Redwood Cedar. When I checked my bags and the Raw Materials section, I had over 80.

And that was the problem. Items that are stored in your Raw Materials bag cannot be stored in your Homestead and they cannot be used in crafting. You must follow the main story until you unlock the Raw Materials Workbench. You can then use that bench to covert Raw Materials into Refined Materials that can be used in crafting.

The amount of resources you can refine each day is limited, so you want to do your best to make sure you refine as much as you can each day.

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