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How To Craft With Blueprints In The Front

Blueprints Offer Upgraded Versions Of The Base Item

Blueprints are found in chests and also rewarded for completing defensive waves at your base. This guide on How To Craft With Blueprints In The Front explains the blueprint system and answers a few of the basic questions so you can get to crafting superior items.

Blueprints come in a variety of rarity forms with each form providing better stats than the previous. For example, a rare blueprint of an item will create an item with more hp, damage, or effects, then the normal recipe. Blueprints are very commonly found in chests around the game world and are very easily farmed by defending your base.

How To Craft With Blueprints In The Front

Firstly, it’s important to note that you cannot craft Blueprints for technologies you have yet to unlocked. You can only use a Blueprint to craft an item, if you can craft the base version of that item. That said, that’s the main trick to making the item itself.

Check the tech tree for the basic item, this will tell you if anything is required. For example, if you check the SMG, it will tell you that you need a weapons bench. So, if you have a Blueprint for the SMG, you will need to take that blueprint to the weapon bench and then store it on the benches inventory slot.

You will then need to add all the materials it needs into the benches inventory slot. Then, select the blueprint, and press the craft button to create the item.

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