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How To Customize Car Visuals In The Crew 2

Unlocked a sweet new bumper or epic new spoiler? This guide will tell you How To Customize Car Visuals In The Crew 2 so that you can pimp your car and run the streets in the coolest looking ride in town. As you win races and progress in The Crew 2 you will unlock various parts for your vehicles. These are divided into two parts, Vehicle Components and Visual Mods.

Customizing your cars components is very simple, you can access it through the main menu and select the Performance option, which then allows you to add and remove components depending on the stats you want. However, when you unlock visual components, it’s a little different.

You need to travel to your home to learn How To Customize Car Visuals In The Crew 2. It is marked on your map with a house icon. It may differ in location depending on your character or starting location but you can see the icon in the screenshot above.

Once you are home, enter and find your vehicles. Then, it’s just a matter of following on-screen messages to add visual parts to your car.

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