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How To Customize Your Banner In Outriders

How To Customize Your Banner In Outriders
There’s a host of customization features to unlock in Outriders, including your banner. This guide on How To Customize Your Banner In Outriders will explain how you unlock the ability to customize your banner and where it can be done, as initially you’ll likely unlock customization items before you have customized your banner.

In Outriders players can customize their characters appearance, their vehicles, and their banners. The vehicles and banners work much in the same. You can purchase, discover, and unlock new designs that can then be added a further customized when added to your truck or your banner. The banner is used at Fast Travel locations, that also act as checkpoints, displaying your banner when you interact with and unlock it for the first time.

How To Customize Your Banner In Outriders

Customize Your Banner In Outriders
Much like unlocking vehicle customization, you have to progress a short way into the game to unlock the ability to customize your banner, at least if you left the first town immediately after relaunching the game with progress saved from the demo. Follow the main story until you reach the First City.

Once you reach the First City, continue your progress until you reach the First City Camp. These is where you encounter Jakub and a couple of other characters that give you side quests. Speak with Jakub but don’t select to progress with the story. Instead, ask him to customize your vehicle. This also opens up the menu to customize your banners

  • Complete the tutorial and first area and then travel to the First City
  • Progress through the First City until you unlock First City Camp
  • Speak with Jakub at the First City Camp and ask him to customize your vehicle
  • Choose the Banner option in the menu to customize your banner
  • Alternatively, open the map and press Right on the D-Pad
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