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How To Cut Down Trees In Pokemon Let’s Go

HM Cut and Hidden Machines are no more, so how do you chop down those pesky trees? This guide will tell you How To Cut Down Trees In Pokemon Let’s Go which is the same in both versions, Eevee and Pikachu. In the original Pokemon games, Hidden Machines (HM’s) were special items used to teach your Pokemon unique moves such as Cut and Flash, each moving typically allowing access to new areas and shortcuts. However, things are a tiny bit different in Pokemon Let’s Go.

It still works similar in the sense that you require special abilities to gain access to these secret techniques, and while some are identical in acquisition, others are a little different. This is how to get Cut or Secret Technique Chop Down in Pokemon Let’s Go.

How To Cut Down Trees In Pokemon Let’s Go

The good news is, the ability you require cannot be missed. You must progress through the main story of Pokemon Let’s Go until you reach the S.S Anne. Once you do, climb to the top of the ship and speak with the Captain. After you help him vomit into a strangely placed trash can, he will offer to teach you his Secret Technique, Chop Down.

Either Pikachu or Eevee will automatically learn the technique, whichever version you own. It also doesn’t take a move slot like it used to. Once you have Chop Down, you can cut down trees that previously blocked your path.

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