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How To Defeat Seized Construct (Spirit Temple Boss) In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Seized Construct stands in your way of the fifth and final sage. In this guide on How To Defeat Seized Construct (Spirit Temple Boss) In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll break down a single, simply technique that will allow you to defeat this boss quickly and easily.

There is one simple way to beat this boss, rockets. Before you enter the arena, or you can fast travel and retreat if you are already inside, you want to make sure your mech is equipped with a rocket on one of its arms. Either is fine. It can be a rocket that you find at one of the Zonai stations or one from your Zonai Devices inventory, either works perfectly fine.

How To Defeat Seized Construct (Spirit Temple Boss) In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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As long as you have a rocket launcher equipped on one of your arms, you can finish this fight in minutes. All you have to do is hit the enemy with a single rocket launcher blast to stun it. Once it is stunned, you then need to string together 3 hits. Each time you hit the enemy its pose will change. After the third hit, it will get knocked back a few feet. Once it’s knocked back, it will recover. So repeat the first step and hit it with a rocket launcher again.

You need to keep pushing the enemy until it gets pushed into the ropes that surround the arena. This will cause a jolt of electricity to the enemy, causing it great damage. After the boss loses 50% of its health, it gets more aggressive. The same technique works, you simply need to hit it 4 times for it to be knocked back, instead of the 3.

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