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How To Defeat The 13th Colossus In Shadow Of Colossus

How To Defeat The 13th Colossus In Shadow Of Colossus
The 13th Colossus puts the Colossus in Shadow of Colossus. This guide will walk you through with tips and tricks for How To Defeat The 13th Colossus In Shadow Of Colossus as you make your way to the latter parts of the game and the final enemies to defeat.

This one is huge. Like, super huge. It’s a dragon type Colossus that flies around the skies and can burrow beneath the sands. Whilst its airborne you will notice 3 groups of large, skin-like sacks on its underbelly. Ride alongside it with your horse and fire arrows. It takes 1 single arrow on any of the sacks in a set to destroy it. Once you destroy all 3 sacks the Colossus has to lower its altitude. At this point it begins to drag its wings through the sand on ground level.

Catch up and ride alongside on your horse before jumping off and mounting the wings. Once atop the dragon enemy you need to crawl down its back to each of the large fin like parts sticking up. Under each of these lies a weak point. Each one can only be attacked twice so you need to take them all out to finish it off.

You’ll struggle to do it in a single run as eventually it burrows beneath the sands and knocks you off. When it does this, it inflates the sacks again so you need to repeat the first step. If you lose sight of the massive dragon in the sky, use your sword beam to locate it with the light trails.

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