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How To Defeat The Ethereal Queen On Infinite Difficulty With Minimal Grind

How To Defeat The Ethereal Queen On Infinite Difficulty With Minimal Grind
The Ethereal Queen is one of the hardest fights in Infinite Undiscovery and can prove a real challenge if you attempt to beat her without prior preparation. This How To Guide will give you the easiest method of beating the Ethereal Queen on Infinite difficulty setting in Infinite Undiscovery.

You will need the following items:
Pius Wood
Dragon Fangs
Halgitan Paper and Regents

Your first task is to create a lot of +20% books, these Memoirs of a Mercenary give you a 20% increase in your health stat for each book that you can find. You need to collect enough to be able to get Capell’s health to over 500,000. The HUD and menu will only show a maximum of 99,999 health points but the number does continue to increase past this visual cap.

The next step is to get a Dragons Eye. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Seraphic Gate and battle your way through to the bottom floor, having Grim Valesti can really help make this part of the guide much easier. Another option is to create the Azureal Blade for Capell which will allow you to plow through this guide with ease. Defeat the boss on the lower floor and head through the teleporter to respawn the enemy’s on the first floor. Kill plenty of spiders and collect as much Pius Wood as you can. Stock up on as many of the items needed as possible and make sure to have the best IC equipment you can get for Capell. You also want to collect as much gold and silver metal as possible so you can create the expX2 folX0 enchantment so that you can farm the next part of this Ethereal Queen guide easily.

Once you reach level 100 with Capell you should be able to defeat the Wyvern on the third floor of the dungeon. Kill it and move onto the next step. On the same floor as the Wyverns are Snake like enemy’s that drop Dragon Fangs, the drop rate is a bit low so this may take a while but keep at it. Heading to the next floor you will find some Lumpers, they will drop Halgetan paper and at least one of the ingredients needed to make it.

You should have the Alchemy and Writing IC upgrades as well as your Dragon Eye, Genius’ Quill, Clerks Quill and metals. Once you’ve got all the items you need head back to Aya’s hometown and go to the castle to find your Starseer friend. The person he is speaking to will trade you a Dragon Eye for the Alchemy upgrade. You then need to speak to Rico who is near the port and he will tell you everything you need for the writing upgrade.

First off, save your game before attempting to create any of the items. Once you have all the materials to be able to get Capell to 200,000 health, go and defeat Gabriel. After you defeat Gabriel you can move to the next area for a save point. Head forward until you see the 3 Gigas guarding the teleporter, defeat them and return after using the teleporter to respawn all the enemy’s as they have a good chance to drop the wood that you need. Keep farming and you’ll get to 500,000 health in no time and each book after that will add 100,000+ HP a time. Another boost to defeating the Ethereal Queen on Infinite difficulty is to have Sigmund with you as he provides a nice +5% boost to your party members stats.

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