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How To Destroy Black Vine Crystals In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Have You Found The Black Vines Blocking Your Path?

If you’ve encountered these strange, black vines, that look like crystals, this guide on How To Destroy Black Vine Crystals In Star Wars Jedi Survivor will walk you through the process of getting the correct ability and destroying these vines to free up the path ahead.

These vines play quite an important role in many of the games puzzles and story progress, so it’s important to understand how they work. Before you are able to destroy them you need to follow the main story until a section where you are returning to Jedha to show your research to someone. I’m being intentionally vague to avoid story spoilers. Just rest assured it’s about 10 hours into the game and you will know when you have it, you can’t miss it.

How To Destroy Black Vine Crystals In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Once you have the ability you can activate BD-1 and use the ability as a turret-like skill. This places a conductive material on the ground that reacts to the beams of purple light you will find around the game world. The idea is to use the trail of conductive material to link the beams of light to the black vine crystal objects as the purple light destroys it. Make sure, when you first get the ability, that you take a few moments to understand how it works.

Later, you will need this skill to solve many of the Jedi Chamber puzzles. It’s worth noting that the conductive material is unable to be placed on certain surfaces and it cannot travel over water.

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