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How To Destroy Melted Doors & Walls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Trying To Figure Out How To Open These Doors?

Melted metal doors are one of the many obstacles Cal faces on his adventure. In this guide on How To Destroy Melted Doors & Walls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we’ll explain the process behind the doors that appear to have been melted, leaving behind a ruined surface and something you would think a lightsaber would make quick work of.

While there are not many of them, you will find these strange, melted metal doors scattered throughout the game – such as the one located in the Abandoned Shack rumor. They are one of the many obstacles that you will face that offer a singular, identical puzzle for each metal door, but one that requires a bit of exploration and trial and error. For this particular obstacles, the melted metal door, you don’t need any fancy abilities or late-game unlocks, you simply need to search the immediate area.

How To Destroy Melted Walls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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All of the melted metal doors, wherever they are, require the same solution to open – an explosion. Unfortunately, Cal’s abilities or lightsaber are not up to the task so you need a bit of help. Specifically, you need help from the droids that lock-on to a target and then explode when they get close. Every melted metal door will have these droids nearby. Sometimes they are roaming freely, but most of the time there will be a device the droid can hack to dispense these explosive enemies to the location.

So, whenever you find a melted metal door, look around the area. You won’t have to travel far. It’s worth noting that sometimes you will need to traverse obstacles and such so there’s a trick to help get the robots to follow you. You can use your force pull ability to pull the explosive droids off ledges or over gaps, and then let go to drop them. As long as you flee quickly enough, they will not explode.

They will follow you for a very long way so once you’ve found one, simply lead it to the melted metal door and then use your force pull to grab it, before using the force push to throw it at the door. It will explode, clear the path ahead, and let you explore whatever is the other side.

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