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How To Destroy Plague Hearts In State Of Decay 2

How To Destroy Plague Hearts In State Of Decay 2
Plague Hearts infest every map in State of Decay 2 and you need to destroy them to complete the game. This guide will tell you How To Destroy Plague Hearts In State Of Decay 2 so you can complete the main story objectives and move on to the Legacy objectives put in place by your leader.

Plague Hearts are challenging objectives marked by a red skull icon on your map. They are an important objective to complete as you must destroy all Plague Hearts in your town before you can progress through the main story. They are found by using the scout points, while others can be discovered through the help of other communities. They do not respawn and there are limited Plague Hearts per map.

How To Destroy Plague Hearts In State Of Decay 2

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You will instantly notice a Plague Heart area by the large amounts of red mist in the area. They are typically inside buildings, tucked away in one of the rooms. To destroy them quickly and efficiently, it’s all about the preparation.

Firstly, if you can bring a friend, bring one. Secondly, load yourself up on explosives and ammo. Specifically ammo for fast-firing weapons. Automatic shotguns work incredibly well. As do Pipe Bombs and Soda Can bombs. You can craft these at a Workshop relatively early in the game.

Head to the nearest Plague Heart and clear out the zombies. Try not to damage the Plague Heart until you have cleared all the zombies. Once a Plague Heart is damaged, it begins the event in full. As soon as the Plague Heart receives damage a large wave of mixed zombies will descend on your position. Ignore them.

Launch everything you’ve got straight at the Plague Heart. Couple of Pipe Bombs and a round or two of ammunition should do it. When the Plague Heart is destroyed make sure you are standing 10ft away or you may get damaged by the burst of Plague that is released. As soon as the Plague Heart dies, all of the zombies summoned by your actions will die.

That’s How To Destroy Plague Hearts In State Of Decay 2 very easily and quickly.

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