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How To Destroy Red Barriers In Returnal

How To Destroy Red Barriers In Returnal
Red Barriers are one of the many obstacles that block your path in Returnal. This guide on How To Destroy Red Barriers In Returnal will walk you through the process of obtaining the correct artifact so that you’re able to destroy the Red Barriers and progress further into the game.

Much of Returnal’s level and environment design is procedurally generated. This means that each play through, each path you take, can be entirely different to another players path and progression. As such, we cannot tell you exactly where to find the appropriate item, but we can give you enough information to make sure you grab it. While some of the game is randomly generated, many of the special encounters, specific rooms, and unique artifacts are always available via the same method – as they are key for progression.

How To Destroy Red Barriers In Returnal

How To Destroy Red Barriers
The Red Barriers are one of many different obstacle types in Returnal. These particular barriers cannot be damaged by gun fire or alt fire, you need a very specific artifact, the Atropian Blade. It’s a sword. As you continue following the main story you will eventually encounter the enemy that killed you at the start of the game (unless you’re some kind of rogue-like god and didn’t die to it).

You don’t have to fight it but the nearby huge room has a special Crimson Gateway inside – something you don’t need to worry about until later in the game. However, in the same room, there is a corpse. You cannot leave the room before interacting with the corpse so you cannot miss the Atropian Blade sword.

Once you interact with the body and claim the sword, you are able to use it to destroy Red Barriers. You can also use the sword to destroy vines.

  • Red Barriers are one type of obstacle that blocks your path in Returnal
  • To remove or destroy Red Barriers you need to find the Atropian Blade
  • You find the Atropian Blade in the Crimson Gateway room
  • This room is guaranteed in the first area and will always appear each run
  • Once you have the sword you can destroy red barriers
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