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How To Dig In Lost Ark

Digging up relics and treasures for Excavating is simple on the surface, but can be confusing. This guide on How To Dig In Lost Ark will tell you how to find spaces where you can dig as you need to use two unique abilities on conjunction with one another to find the right spots where you can dig.

Before you’re able to dig for treasures you need to unlock all of the trade skills. This is unlocked through story progress. Once you have the Trade Skills unlock you’ll want to explore the Trade Skill hot bar. The default key (B) will switch your hot bars at the bottom of the screen between combat and and trade skill abilities. You want to pay attention to two abilities in particular, Sonar and Relic Search.

How To Dig In Lost Ark

You cannot simply use the Excavating spade to dig up treasure anywhere, you must first find it. To do this you need to get used to using the Sonar ability. Activate it in a zone with buried relics, such as Battlebound Plains, and run around the map. When it pings that you’re close to a Relic, this is when you can attempt to dig one up.

Use the Relic Search ability and it will give you a place to dig – if the Sonar has taken you close enough to the spot. You can then simply approach the highlighted location and interact with it to dig up the item and get Excavation points.

  • Before you’re able to use the Excavation tools to dig up items, you need to reach a map that has buried relics
  • The Battlebound Plains is one of the first areas you’ll discover that has such relics
  • Once on that map activate Sonar and explore until the Sonar is pinging rapidly and has a dark blue circle
  • Activate Relic Search ability to spot a nearby location
  • Head to the location marked by Relic Search and interact with it to use your shovel and dig
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