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How To Dismantle Items In Lost Ark

ARPG’s are famous for giving you enough loot to field an entire armies worth of soldiers. This guide on How To Dismantle Items In Lost Ark will tell you how you can change your useless, garbage equipment, into more useful materials by dismantling them into supplies. You can always sell your junk, but this is a very valid option as you earn more money.

At the moment, you’re only able to dismantle certain items. Specifically, character equipment. Pieces of jewelry, weapons, chest pieces, legs, etc. You need to progress through the main story until you reach the Nevatia Ruins on the Ozhorn Hill map. When you dismantle items you will get Useful Equipment Pieces and Broken Equipment Powders. These can be sold to merchants for more than what the base item was worth.

Update: It appears the progress aspect of this is a mistake. You can dismantle items following the rest of the instructions right from the start of the game.

How To Dismantle Items In Lost Ark

Once you reach the Nevatia Ruins you will encounter Archaeologist Hadim near the entrance. He has a special quest for you. It’s completed in a few seconds, just speaking to another NPC nearby. Once you have completed the quest you will unlock the ability to Dismantle Items.

Open your inventory and look at the bottom. There is now a Dismantle Items button. Select that button and then add your gear. Right click any valid items to have them added to the Dismantle menu. Then simply press the Dismantle button and it will instantly Dismantle all of the items you’ve placed in the Dismantle box.

  • Progress through the main story and reach the Nevatia Ruins on the Ozhorn Hill map
  • Do the quest from the Archaeologist Hadim and you unlock the ability to Dismantle Items
  • Open your inventory and select the Dismantle Items button in the lower left corner of the window
  • Right click all of the equipment you want to Dismantle to add it to the Dismantle window
  • Once you have selected all of the equipment, press the Dismantle button
  • You will usually get more money by Dismantling Items and selling the results than just selling the item
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