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How To Do Dispatch Work In GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Update

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update introduces another new activity to earn you some cash, Dispatch Missions. In this guide, we’ll explain in a step-by-step process what you need to do to activate the Bottom Dollar Bounties Dispatch Missions.

Step 1: Purchase A Vehicle With “Dispatch Work Available”

An image showing the car required to do Dispatch Missions

To start, you need to purchase a specific vehicle, one with the keywords “Dispatch Work Available”. Vehicles for the new Dispatch missions can be purchased via the Warstock Cache & Carry app on your in-game phone.

The Unmarked Cruiser, which sells for $3.9 million, is the easiest vehicle to buy if you have not done any of the other missions required to unlock other vehicles. Otherwise you can simply buy any police vehicle with the Dispatch Work Available tag.

Step 2: Make Sure You Are Not A CEO/Boss

You are not able to do Dispatch Missions if you are registered as a CEO or Boss of a corporation. If you are either logged on as a member of owner of a business, you need to use the Secure app on your in-game phone to leave. These are not the same as bounty missions.

Step 3: Activating Dispatch Missions

You must own the vehicle that has the Dispatch Work Available. You cannot do this in a friends vehicle or any vehicle you don’t own. If you own the vehicle, the process is simple.

Get into the drivers seat and press the R3 button (push the right stick in). This will bring up the Dispatch menu, then simply follow the prompt to activate it.

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