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How To Do Electrical Substations In Dying Light 2

Power Stations are required to power the city and unlock fast travel. This guide on How To Do Electrical Substations In Dying Light 2 will tell you how you can power each of the three generators as while it’s a very simple system, there is a bug that can make it impossible to complete.

Electrical Substations, while each unique in design and location, all function in the exact same way. You need to find working boxes and connect them to boxes without power. However, there is currently a bug that can make the wires not work. You approach the box and where there should be the option to interact, there is instead nothing. If you’re in the very first Electrical Substation, as part of the story quest, approach the box with the #1 on it (the green one, not the red one). If you can’t grab the red wire that’s wrapped around the door of the fuse box, it’s bugged. Reload your game.

How To Do Electrical Substations In Dying Light 2

Then it’s just a simple matter of connecting the wires. There are 6 boxes in total. Two boxes labelled #1, two labelled #2, and two labelled #3. You need to connect the working box of each to the broken box of each. For example, you take the red wire from the #1 box that is lit up green, and you find the shortest root to the other #1 box that has no green light. This will cause power to go between the two.

Once all are connected follow the objective to complete the Power Station and return power to the region.

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