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How To Do Takedowns In Battlefield 2042

Takedowns return in Battlefield 2042 and you will want to know how to do them. Check out this guide to find out how to do takedowns in Battlefield 2042. This way you can join the line of people back stabbing each other over and over again.

How To Do Takedowns In Battlefield 2042

Alright so there are a couple of ways you can do a take down. Both methods will require you to be behind the target. You need to be like right behind them, not slightly to the left, straight behind them. From there you can hold down the melee button and you will perform an execute on the target in front of you. If you have the knife equipped you can just hold the attack button down and that will do the trick. This is a little more risky because you need to aim, but you can do it.

Doing this will put you in an animation and you better believe someone will try to come and back stab you as soon as you are out of it. You need to weigh the pros and cons of exposing yourself for that long for a single kill. Or you can just say screw it and look cool as you drop some dude who thought he could kill you. Either way, that’s how you do a takedown in Battlefield 2042.

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