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How To Do Takedowns In Dying Light 2

The takedown mechanic in Dying Light 2 is a little weird and you might be wondering why it isn’t working. Check out this guide to find out how to do takedowns in Dying Light 2. This way you can stop being caught when you try to do it in houses.

How To Do Takedowns In Dying Light 2

If you were like me, you tried to do a takedown early and got caught. The takedown mechanic like Dying Light 2 works a little differently than you might be expecting. If you look at a zombie from behind you will see a number above their heads. This is their level. You need to be a higher level or the same level for your takedown to kill the enemy in one shot.

You can find your rank in the main menu on the top right. It goes up as you get more Parkour and Combat levels. Now if you are Player rank 2 then you can do a takedown to level 2 zombies and kill them in one shot. Some of the specials work as well such as the howler and the spitter. I didn’t get the try the big guy but my guess is no. If someone tries it out and it works let us know.

There are also a couple of take down skills in the skill tree if you want to do knife takedowns to take out armored humans.

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