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How To Download & Play Marvel Snap APK Any Country Now

Marvel Snap’s closed beta is in full swing and a soft launch is available elsewhere. This guide on How To Download & Play Marvel Snap APK Any Country Now will tell you everything you need to know to be able to download the game and play it, right now, without having to change Google Play Store regions or anything complicated.

This is a guide to play on Android and to be able to download and play Marvel Snap now, you will need a few things. Firstly, it’s worth remembering that the APK you are going to download is from another region. It’s perfectly safe but it does mean that when you play the game, you will not be able to spend money in the Google Play Store until the game is released in your region. Once it’s released, you can keep playing without worry with the official client.

How To Download & Play Marvel Snap APK Any Country Now

Follow these steps to download and play Marvel Snap now.

  • Download Solid Explorer File Manager. This lets you explore your phones files much like a PC
  • Download Split APK Installer. This allows you to install APK files on your phone
  • Download the Marvel Snap APK
  • Once all of the apps are downloaded, using your phone, open the Solid Explorer File Manager
  • Go to the Downloads section and find marvel-snap-v1.0.1.b101.apks.apk
  • Using your finger, press and hold on that file so new options appear
  • Change the name of the file to remove the .apk so the file name should be: marvel-snap-v1.0.1.b101.apks
  • You then open Split APK Installer and select the file you just renamed
  • You may need to give permission for the app to install apps from unknown sources
  • You can now play Marvel Snap

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