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How To Download Ring Of Elysium On Steam In Europe

How To Download Ring Of Elysium On Steam In Europe
Want to play Ring of Elysium through Steam in Europe? This guide will tell you How To Download Ring Of Elysium On Steam In Europe so you can jump in ahead of the international server launch. Ring of Elysium is a brand new battle royal game from Tencent Games. As well as the staple features of the genre, Ring of Elysium hopes to excite and innovative with a collection of new features such as snowboarding, gliding and a dynamic weather system.

How To Download Ring Of Elysium On Steam In Europe

How To Download Ring Of Elysium On Steam In Europe
If you want to download Ring of Elysium in Europe, it’s very simple. Firstly, you need a VPN. I personally used NordVPN. You need to use a VPN that disguises your entire connection, not just your browser. Once you have the VPN installed, make sure you are browsing from the US, then you can move on to the next step.

Ring of Elysium will still not appear on the Steam store unless you change your Steam Store Region. However, this is very restrictive and can stop you buying games, but you can do it without changing your store region. Open the game with the bootlogger. To do this simply navigate to the Steam page through your browser, here. As long as your VPN is active you should now see the full game on the Steam page.

How To Download Ring of Elysium EU

Scroll down to where it says Play Game and you can click it to download it to your Steam client. If you are based outside of the US, the download will be very slow. However, once it is downloading you can disable the VPN and download from your normal region at normal speeds. Before you boot up the game, activate the VPN again and get through to character creation. You can then disable the VPN and play normally.

That’s How To Download Ring Of Elysium On Steam In Europe.

WARNING: The game is not yet available in the UK and other European countries. As such the games performance and stability may be drastically different until EU servers are released. Steam also frowns on people using VPN’s for various reasons.

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