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How To Dynamax Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

How To Dynamax Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Dynamax is a brand new feature in the game. This guide explains How To Dynamax Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield as it’s an exciting and brand new feature, but one that is not always available. Leaving some people confused as to how you use and activate Dynamax.

All Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield can use Dynamax, at least all the ones we’ve tried, and we’ve tried a lot. Each Pokemon has a different set of moves in Dynamax form. There’s always 4 moves, but you can have multiples of the same. Make sure to check the information on the move to ensure you’re using the strongest version.

How To Dynamax Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

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You can only Dynamax in very specific situations. Usually in Den battles in the Wild Area and Pokemon Gym Leader battles. You will know when you can Dynamax because the attack option turns a red color. When selecting a move, you will see a Dynamax option. Select Dynamax.

Once selected, you will see your Pokemon transform into a giant form with the new moves. After 3 turns, or if your Pokemon falls unconscious, it will revert back to normal.

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