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How To Earn Battlepacks In Battlefield 1

How TO Earn Battlepacks In Battlefield 1
In Battlefield 1, you use Battlepacks to get new skins for your weapons and puzzle pieces. You can earn these in a couple of different ways and at the moment you can’t buy them with real cash. check out this guide to find out How To Earn Battlepacks In Battlefield 1!

How To Get Battlepacks In Battlefield 1

Battlepacks are rewards at the end of matches sometimes. In Battlefield 1 you actually are rewarded for playing good in a match. When I first started I didn’t get any packs but I was at the bottom of the pack. When I got used to the game and started coming in the top 3, I got packs nearly every time. The higher your score, the more likely you are to get a Battlepack. Remember, it is based of score so if you are playing a capture mode try to get flags for extra points. I try to be squad leader and make the flag we are capturing the objective so we get bonus points. You can still earn them if you are low on the score board but it is much more rare.

Try to group up with friends for the best chance at getting in a good squad. I play conquest because they are long matches and give you plenty of opportunities to net extra points by capturing flags or using vehicles/turrets. Don’t be afraid to sit in an AA turret and gun down enemy pilots or sit in a Tank to earn some extra points. Keeping the enemy vehicles down is a good way to make sure they don’t capture your flags. If you can get an AA gun near the enemy plane spawn point, prepare to stack some points and create some rage.

It’s just a time thing, the more you play, the better you do the more you earn. You can also sell extra skins you have and get more packs with Scrap you earn by doing that. Happy hunting everyone!

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