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How To Eat In Monster Hunter Rise

How To Eat In Monster Hunter Rise
Food buffs are vital for survival in MH Rise. This guide on How To Eat In Monster Hunter Rise explains where you can eat food so that you can buff vital stats such as your health and stamina, both of which can be buffed greatly past their initial limits.

Food has always been a central part of the Monster Hunter experience, and that trend continues in Monster Hunter Rise. Players can combine ingredients, make dishes, and reap a huge variety of different perks, buffs, and bonuses. All food buffs health and stamina but each item consumed also has other beneficial effects. This can increase attack damage, speed up the sharpening of your weapon, there’s a huge selection on offer. This allows players to cater the buffs towards specific goals and objectives within quests. As such, eating is a vital part of progressing through the game and is almost required in the latter stages.

How To Eat In Monster Hunter Rise

There are three main ways to eat. Firstly the Canteen and the Tent. In the village and in the hub, you will find some tables and some nearby chairs. This is the Canteen. There is also an option to eat inside the tent at the beginning of each level. When you choose to eat, you pick your ingredients, combine them, and then consume the dish. This is what provides the biggest buffs before going into a quest. Be sure to eat before every quest as the duration doesn’t last that long.

The other method of eating is during a quest. If you die, or over time, the food buffs to your stamina and health will vanish, leaving you with far less health and stamina. At this point you can consume other food, such as Steak or Ratios, to bring a small amount of the bonuses back.

  • There are three main areas in which you can eat food
  • You can eat during quests by consuming ratios, steak, and other items
  • You can also eat food at your tent, before you start venturing into quest areas
  • You can eat at a canteen in the village and inside the hub
  • Make sure to renew your buffs from food between every quest
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