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How To Equip The Dark Arts Cosmetic Set In Hogwarts Legacy

If you pre ordered Hogwarts Legacy then you will have access to the Dark Arts cosmetic set. Check out this guide to find out How To Equip The Dark Arts Cosmetic Set In Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can look stylish right from the get go.

How To Equip The Dark Arts Cosmetic Set In Hogwarts Legacy

You can’t mess with your outfit for the first one to two hours in Hogwarts Legacy as you get your bearing in the school. Eventually you will be given a tutorial on how to change equipment. When that happens you can enter your Gear menu from the menu.

Head to the gear menu and if you look at a piece of armor, you should see the button to Change Appearance (square on Ps5). From there you can change anything to other pieces you have already obtained in the game. The Dart Arts set can be equipped this way as well. You get a hat, a mask, a scarf and a cool robe that is animated. There are other things in the pack, but you unlock them later in the game.

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