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How To Escape In Friday The 13th: The Game

How To Escape In Friday The 13th: The Game
Friday The 13th: The Game is finally upon us and Counselors everywhere are trying to avoid the clutches of Jason. This How To Escape In Friday The 13th: The Game guide will tell you about the different methods you can use to escape, what’s required and how to get it done.

Escaping is one of the key elements of Friday The 13th: The Game. Every match a group of Counselors is pitted against the infamous Jason, it’s up to you as Counselors to escape and Jason’s job is, well, to be Jason.

How To Escape In Friday The 13th: The Game

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Unlike other games in the genre Friday The 13th: The Game has various different methods of escape. Each has a set number of objectives you must fulfill before you can use your chosen option as an actual escape option. Below is a list of all the different ways to escape in Friday The 13th: The Game as well as details on the objectives.

Escape With The Authorities

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Escaping with the authorities is arguably the best way of escaping as a full group. In order to complete the objectives you must first locate the phone. As pictured above, it’s usually a small phone attached to the wall. The exact location of the phone box is random so just keep an eye out for it as you explore the various maps in the game. Next up, you need to repair the phone. In order to use the phone it must receive power, you can activate the power by repairing a nearby generator using a fuse that is also found randomly around the map. It’s quite common for the fuse to be in the same house as the phone so make sure to check all the drawers and such. The generator powering the phone can always be found on the outside wall of the same house where the phone is located.

When repairing you’ll have to complete a mini-game so be careful not to make any mistakes or Jason will learn of your location. Once you have repaired the phone box you can call the police. This starts a 5 minute countdown timer. If you manage to survive for the full 5 minutes the police arrive at a random exit on the map. You’ll know you have the right exit when you can see the flashing lights of the car.

Radio For Tommy Jarvis

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Calling Tommy Jarvis isn’t actually a guaranteed win unless you fulfill all the other requirements to kill Jason. To call Tommy Jarvis you need to find a radio. The radio is usually powered so a single action on the radio can work, otherwise Jason may have destroyed a specific generator making the radio useless. Once spawned Tommy Jarvis has a single shot shotgun, the same one you can find randomly in the map – although his stats are much higher. A single shot to the head can stun Jason for a long time, enough time to make an escape or at least complete a few objectives.

Escape Using The 2 And 4 Seat Car

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Car Battery
More random location objectives here. You need to find a battery, car keys and a gas canister. Once you’ve found each of the items you need to use them on the vehicle you want to use. First install the battery, then fill the car with gas before starting the vehicle and making your escape. Careful as this is not a guarantee, Jason can still drag you out of the car or cause you to crash.

Tip: The blue car holds 4 people, the yellow car holds 2.

Escape Using The Motor Boat

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This one is very similar to the way you escape with the cars. The boat can only hold two people. You need to find the propeller somewhere around the game world and then find gasoline. Head to the boat, which can be VERY difficult to find without a map, and then make your escape.

Last The Match

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] If you are still alive after the full match timer, approximately 20 minutes, you have the option to escape at any exit. You can view the timer for how long of the match remains in the upper left corner of the screen when you’re in spectate mode.

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