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How To Escape The Hunter’s Dream In Bloodborne

How To Escape The Hunter's Dream In Bloodborne
Bloodborne sends you to the Hunter’s Dream very early on with a quick death from a wolf. Once you arrive it isn’t clear how you can escape with all the doors locked and closed. This guide will help you escape the Hunter’s Dream so you can get back into the fight!

How To Get Out Of The Graveyard In Bloodborne

First off you will want to go up the steps towards the church so you can pick up a weapon. They will give you three choices, the Saw Blade, the Hunter Axe, or the Threaded Cane. You can only pick one so go with you gut and then go up the stairs further to the next soul patch. Here you need to pick between a Pistol and a Blunderbuss. The Pistol is fast and weak, while the Blunderbuss has terrible range but great damage. Pick one and finally go up to the top for your notebook.

Now if you want to learn how to use your weapons properly you can move around the Hunter’s Dream and look at tips. They will tell you how to use your weapon, transform your weapon and how to run. You really should check the whole area out before you leave so you know what’s going on when you return.

Now to get out of here you need to go to the bottom of the steps and access the Yharnam Headstone, the tombstone with the white souls coming out of it. Click on it and go to the 1st Floor Sickroom to return to where you just bit the dust. Now that you have your weapon you can take out the wolf and move on the with the game. Happy hunting!

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