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How To Evolve Gimmighoul Into Gholdengo In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Gimmighoul is one of the most discussed of all new Gen 9 Pokemon. This guide on How To Evolve Gimmighoul Into Gholdengo In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you everything you need to know to evolve this unique Pokemon as it has both a level requirement and a collection requirement.

Gimmighoul has been highly teased and marketed over the last few weeks. It was featured on an official website with a 999 counter and it was released in Pokemon Go as a special marketing event. Now that Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet we’ve finally got our hands on Gimmighoul and we know how to evolve it into Gholdengo

How To Evolve Gimmighoul Into Gholdengo In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

So, getting the easy bit out of the way first, you need a Gimmighoul at level 38. You can catch a Gimmighoul at many of the Watchtowers around the map. That’s the easy bit. Then you need to find 999 Gimmighoul Coins, use our guide to find them easily.

Gimmighoul is found in two forms, its Roaming Form and its Chest Form. If you find Gimmighoul in its Roaming Form you can interact with it and get a small number of Gimmighoul Coins. If you find the Gimmighoul in Chest Form, when you interact with it you can either catch it or defeat it. Either way you get awarded with 50+ Gimmighoul Coins.

Once you have 999 in your inventory and a level 37+ Gimmighoul, the next time it levels up it will evolve into Gholdengo. It does cost all 999 Gimmighoul Coins, so don’t be expecting to be able to get multiples without a LOT of work. The Gimmighoul in Roaming Form do respawn, the chests do not.

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