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How To Evolve Pokemon & Level Up In Pokemon Go

How To Evolve Pokemon & Level Up In Pokemon Go
Check out this How To Evolve Pokemon & Level Up In Pokemon Go guide for all the information you need to evolve your Pokemon and increase their stats to make them better at defending a gym once you reach level 5.

How To Evolve Pokemon & Level Up In Pokemon Go

When you begin your journey in Pokemon Go you get to pick your starter Pokemon from the 3 traditional choices – Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. These ones are more difficult to train and evolve as the key item you require involves you catching Pokemon of the same type. For example, when you catch a Charmander you need Charmander tokens to increase its level and evolve to higher forms, but these are tough to obtain at the start.

The other Pokemon however, especially the ones you catch in your starting area, are much easier to level. Everytime you catch a particular Pokemon, you earn Stardust. This is a valuable material that you need to both power up and evolve your Pokemon. The other item is Candy. Every Pokemon has their own unique type of Candy. As mentioned before Charmander has Charmander Candy whereas a Gastly has Gastly Candy.

If you already have enough Candy and Stardust you can power up your Pokemon in the main menu. Simply select power up. You evolve your Pokemon in the same way, instead selecting the evolve option.

It’s likely you will be short a lot of Candies so the best thing to do is farm the type of Pokemon you want to level most. So if you’re looking to raise a Gastly, catch them as much as possible. This will increase your Stardust but you can also select the “Transfer” option. Doing this will transfer the Pokemon to the Professor, be careful though as you will lose this Pokemon forever. However in return the Professor will give you Candy. Check below for a quick rundown:

  • Find the Pokemon you want to train to become powerful.
  • Farm them for as long as possible and catch as many as you can for lots of Stardust
  • When you catch them select the transfer option, this can also be done from the menu. This will transfer the Pokemon for Candy
  • Use the Candy and Stardust to improve the power of your Pokemon and level them up

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