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How To Evolve Primeape Into Annihilape In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Primeapes new evolution, Annihilape, is a beast. This guide on How To Evolve Primeape Into Annihilape In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you everything you need to do to get this new evolution so you can start throwing around the rage attacks at gyms and at wild Pokemon.

During one of your classes, when you’re studying at the Naranja Academy, one of the teachers will give you a small hint on how Primeape evolves into Annihilape. He mentions that the Pokemon evolves through the use of a specific move. If you have a Primeape it’s pretty easy to figure that move out as it later learns a move called “Rage Fist”.

How To Evolve Primeape Into Annihilape In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

You can find Primeape’s at these locations. The locations in the North East are a much higher level so if you want to evolve Primeape into Annihilape earlier, you’ll want to catch a Primeape around West Province (Area Three). If you run around the town of Medali, you should find some spawning there. They are usually right next to the Pokemon Center so not too hard to find. They are easy to catch as they are around level 30 but it’s made worse by the fact Primeape’s can also be immune to sleep with one of their abilities.

Once you have caught a Primeape you need to level it up to level 35. This is when Primeape learns the move Rage Fist. I’m not sure it matters but mine was a Male. After catching a bunch of Primeape’s, they all start with identical moves so it shouldn’t matter but mentioning it just in case.

Once Primeape has reached level 35 and learned Rage Fist, you then need to do some battling. You need to use Rage Fist 20 times and then level up Primeape for it to evolve. Unlike other Pokemon that level in the same fashion, these do not need to hit. The quickest and fastest way to evolve Primeape into Annihilape is to get Rage Fist and then go to the Lighthouse.

Just outside the lighthouse a bunch of Lechonk’s spawn. They are immune to Rage Fist and, as they are so low level, they do very little damage. Simply use Rage Fist 10 times in the battle, use an Ether to refill the PP, and then use it another 10 times, so 20 times total. Then level up and Primeape will evolve into Annihilape.

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