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How To Evolve Sinistea In Pokemon Sword & Shield

How To Evolve Sinistea In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Sinistea requires a special item to evolve. This guide on How To Evolve Sinistea In Pokemon Sword & Shield tells you all about the special evolution item including multiple locations where this unique evolution bonus can be found.

Sinistea is one of the many new Pokemon that have been added with the release of Sword and Shield, and the 8th generation of Pokemon. It’s become a bit of a fan favorite already, mostly because the game is loosely shaped on the UK’s natural and archaeological styling. After all, it’s a floating cup of tea.

What Is The Cracked Pot For?

Sinistea evolves into X. You need a special item, called a Cracked Pot. There is a man in the market at Stow-on-Side that sells a special item every day, he sells the Cracked Pot. However, behind the market, to the left, is a ladder leading to the rooftops. There is a hidden item on the rooftops, one of which is the Cracked Pot.

Use the Cracked Pot on Sinistea and he will evolve into Polteageist.

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