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How To Evolve Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Evolving Sujimon has the potential to unlock new abilities and fill out your Sujimon Dossier. In this guide on How To Evolve Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth we’ll break down the mechanics involved so you fully understand how to evolve your Sujimon and prepare for the challenges the Sujimon League has to offer.

As you can see from the image above, evolving Sujimon can be hugely beneficial. We’re taking a lowly Bad Cop named Ortega, and evolving him into Extermination-kun. The evolving process increases the HP and Strength of the Sujimon and, with some Sujimon at least, changes their abilities. Bad Cop’s primary attack becomes a 3 Star ability and his special attack is a massive improvement, from a 1 star attack to a 4 star, and one of the strongest we’ve seen.

How To Evolve Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

To Evolve your Sujimon you must first learn to Awaken them. Awakening is a simple process where you “feed” Sujimon to another Sujimon to rank them up. For example, in order to get our Bad Cop to Evolve, we first had to make sure he reached Awaken level 3, these are the star icons below his rarity. Bad Cop is a Bronze Rarity with Awaken level 3. In order to reach this we had to feed 6 other Bad Cop’s to our Bad Cop to Awaken him to maximum. All Sujimon Awaken in the same way.

As soon as Bad Cop is Awakened to level 3, it will bring up the option to evolve. If you choose no or maybe you missed it when Awakening a Sujimon, you can simply go to the Evolve section of the Sujimon laptop, like the one in the Coliseum, and choose the Evolve option there.

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