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How To Extract Viable Sample In Gotham Knights (Investigation 3)

Another investigation in Gotham Knights tasks you with extracting ore using the correct chemical. This guide on How To Extract Viable Sample In Gotham Knights (Investigation 3) will walk you through the investigative process so you can safely and correctly identify the right ore and the right chemical to complete the extraction process.

This investigation takes place in the mines, under a tunnel that was previously being worked on by a construction crew. It was closed down to hide the real operation. For this particular investigation, there are two many areas of clues. You have all of the core samples on the table in front of you and then, if you pan to the left, you have a selection of chemicals you can use to extract the ore from within.

How To Extract Viable Sample In Gotham Knights (Investigation 3)

The computer screen here is the major clue. It says that Carbonic Acid damaged the last sample but the Sulfuric Acid worked perfectly, increasing the rate and yield of the extraction process. As such, you now know you need to use a sample that reacts with Sulfuric Acid.

On the table, there is a Composite Ore 10588-COS. This states that nothing has been extracted yet. This is the sample you need to select. Then simply pan to the left so you can get a view of all of the chemicals that are available. Select the Sulfuric Acid, the fiery looking one that’s a dark yellow.

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