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How To Farm Di-Hydrogen In No Man’s Sky Next

How To Farm Di-Hydrogen In No Man's Sky Next
Di-Hydrogen is an important resource in No Man’s Sky, if you want to explore planets quicker and safer. This guide will tell you How To Farm Di-Hydrogen In No Man’s Sky Next as it’s natural form on planets doesn’t return a lot of resources and you’ll often find yourself stranded without Starship Launch Fuel.

How To Farm Di-Hydrogen In No Man’s Sky Next

Without Starship Launch Fuel, you cannot take off from a planet on your Starship. As such, it’s a very common ingredient that can be found on every single planet. However, Di-Hydrogen crystals (which are small and blue) only spawn in small numbers and don’t offer a lot of Di-Hydrogen for each crystal. However, there is a way to farm Di-Hydrogen much quicker, albeit a bit dull.

You need to make several Refineries. Once you have 4-5 going, collect 200-250 Di-Hydrogen. You then need to use the Di-Hydrogen in the Refinery to create Di-Hydrogen Jelly. It takes 30 Di-Hydrogen to make 1 Di-Hydrogen Jelly.

Once you have a good stack of Di-Hydrogen Jelly resources, place those into the Refinery. This in turn will create Di-Hydrogen, however, the ratio is much better. 30 Di-Hydrogen creates 1 Di-Hydrogen Jelly but a single Di-Hydrogen Jelly, creates 50 Di-Hydrogen. This means you can simply keep your Refineries going on your ship or at your base constantly making you Di-Hydrogen, so hopefully you never run out of Starship Launch Fuel again.

That’s How To Farm Di-Hydrogen In No Man’s Sky Next.

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