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How To Farm Rye In Manor Lords

Rye Is One Of The Best Crops You Can Grow

Manor Lords allows players to plant and harvest a number of crops including Wheat, Flax, Barley, and Rye. Rye is one of the best crops to plant because it’s highly resistant and can be grown on soil with less fertility.

It’s important to note that growing and harvesting Rye is a situational decision in Manor Lords. Each time you load into a map the resources available and fertility of the soil is randomized within a set of specific parameters.

Bonus Tip

You need a lot of space, upgrade points, and Families to truly take advantage of Farming in Manor Lords. Unless your heart is set on a thriving farming community, there are much better ways of obtaining the resources you need.

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As such, sometimes it will be detrimental to focus on farming. So, before you decide on whether you want a farm of Rye, make sure to check the Fertility of the soil in the overlay interface.

This is important because Rye is only available through an upgrade in the Development tech tree, and wasting a point on a plant you cannot grow or harvest is a bit of a waste.

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Click the town name at the top center of the screen and this will open the Development menu. On the top development tree you will see the Rye Cultivation technology.

You need to unlock the Orchardry technology first, so a total of two upgrade points are required to unlock the ability to farm and harvest Rye.

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