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How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2

The fast travel system in Dying Light 2 can be difficult to understand. This guide on How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2 tells you everything you need to know about unlocking fast travel, what locations can be used for fast travel, and how you actually activate fast travel.

Before you’re able to fast travel you must first unlock fast travel. Unfortunately, this is through natural story progress. You can discover Metro’s early, we’ll get into that in a minute, but you won’t be able to fast travel immediately. Follow the story until you reach The Central Loop and the game will give you a large prompt, can’t miss it, informing you that you have unlocked fast travel.

How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2

The actual process of using fast travel is simple. You highlight the location and then holding the corresponding button. Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox. However, at least initially, some players may find it confusing as there are very limited fast travel locations and areas you would expect to fast travel to, don’t usually work.

There are various Nightrunner Camps that you can discover and unlock as you explore the city. These function as protection, due to the UV light, and the ability to skip time via resting in the bed. That’s it. You cannot use these locations as fast travel points. In the first area you can only fast travel to the Main Terminal Settlement (depending on whether or not you assigned it to a group), and the Metro Stations you have unlocked.

In the second area you can fast travel to the PK Floating Fortress. Metro Stations are on the map as ? icons until they are discovered. Once discovered you will need to head into the Metro Station and complete the objective to activate it as a fast travel location.

  • You must unlock fast travel by progressing through the main story
  • Once unlocked highlight the icon on the map with the three arrows, and follow the on-screen prompt
  • You can only fast travel to select locations including central hubs and Metro Stations
  • You can’t fast travel to camps or other green locations
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