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How To Fast Travel In Genshin Impact

How To Fast Travel In Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact has a huge game world so traveling can take some time. This guide on How To Fast Travel In Genshin Impact explains the Fast Travel system so you can unlock new waypoints that can be used in the future to instantly travel to various locations across the game world.

There is a small requirement before you are able to fast travel. You must first locate and interact with special fast travel locations. These are small pillars, very hard to miss. The game also introduces them during the earlier stages of the adventure as part of the tutorial. Once you have interacted with the fast travel waypoints, they are unlocked permanently and can be used whenever you are exploring.

How To Fast Travel In Genshin Impact

How To Fast Travel In Genshin Impact
Open the main menu and navigate to the map tab. The map is fully interactable although you have to click on the icons, you cannot simply highlight them. You are looking for these types of icons. The colored ones are ones you have already discovered and interacted with, unlocking them for Fast Travel. The same symbol but without color are fast travel points that you have not yet unlocked.

Simply highlight the colored version of the icon and in the lower right corner of the screen, you will see the prompt required in order to fast travel to that location. It’s immediate, no additional prompt is sent. Once you select to Fast Travel, after a short loading screen, you will appear at your desired location.

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