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How To Fast Travel In Just Cause 3

How To Fast Travel In Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3’s game world is one of the largest to ever grace the open world genre but that comes with its own problems. If you’re looking for how to fast travel in Just Cause 3, it’s not as simple as you may think. Check out our guide for all the details.

In the majority of open world games, especially more recent ones, using fast travel is as simple as opening the map and interacting with a specific icon or going to a certain location and interacting with something there. Just Cause 3’s fast travel isn’t that much more complex but it can be misleading as tool tips during loading screens suggest you can fast travel as soon as you discover locations, however this is not the case.

Before you’re able to fast travel, even if you have unlocked fast travel locations, you need to progress through the main story. These are marked by an orange bull head type icon on your map. You only need to do a few, until you reach the mission Friends Like These, which is conveniently way back on the starting island area.

Once you’ve unlocked the option to Fast Travel you can interact with Shrines, Settlements and Challenges on your map to fast travel to that location. It does require 1 Flare each time, although you can carry more of these through Gear Mods. You can unlock infinite fast travel if you discover shrines in an area

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