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How To Fast Travel In Magic: Legends

How To Fast Travel In Magic: Legends
Magic: Legends boasts a huge game world and travelling can take a lot of time. This guide on How To Fast Travel In Magic: Legends explains how the fast travel system works as, based on my experience with in-game chatter, a lot of people seem to find the feature rather confusing.

In reality, it’s not all that bad. When you are exploring during the tutorial you will encounter these small, marble-like stone circles on the floor. They glow as you approach and remain lit up once you move forward and continue to explore. These are fast travel points. However, during the very early stages of the tutorial, they merely act as waypoints. Should you fall in battle or die during the tutorial, you will respawn and the nearest location you have activated.

How To Fast Travel In Magic: Legends

Once you have finished the tutorial, normal Fast Travel is unlocked. You need to finish the entire introduction sequence, until you meet Nissa. She will then walk you through to the first main area where you start the quest A Dangerous Shift. You will start to see other quests popping up and you will also see other players on your screen and on your map. This is also where you unlock the ability to create a party and invite friends.

Once you are at the correct location, you can find the fast travel points by looking for them on the map. When you get close, hold the interact button and you will permanently unlock that fast travel option. You can then simply highlight the location on the map and select Fast Travel. Unfortunately, other players can block the visibility of the icons on the map, genius that it wasn’t discovered during Closed Beta.

  • Complete the introduction tutorial sequence
  • Once you’ve met Nissa and began A Dangerous Shift quest, you have unlocked multiplayer
  • Unlock fast travel locations by getting close and holding the interact button
  • Open your map and select one of the discovered locations to fast travel
  • If you’re using keyboard and mouse, press tab to open the fast travel map
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