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How To Fast Travel In Mortal Shell

How To Fast Travel In Mortal Shell
If you are like me, then you probably didn’t even realize you could fast travel in Mortal Shell. Check out this guide to find out how to fast travel in Mortal Shell. This will make farming the areas a lot easier since you don’t have to run through the enemies over and over.

  • Pick a Shell to level up
  • Max that Shell out by getting all its skills
  • Return to the bell tower Sister in Fallgrim
  • Buy the Ornate Mask to be able to fast travel

How To Fast Travel In Mortal Shell

In order to fast travel in Mortal Shell, you will first have to level up one of the Shells fully. This means you will have to get every move from the sister by spending Tar and Glimpses. I will take awhile and I maxed out Eredrim first since he can take the most hits. Once you level up one of the Shells to max, go speak with the sister in the bell tower near the fog guy. She will say something and then offer to sell you items now that you have maxed out a Shell. Of the new items she will have, one is called the Ornate Mask. This mask will cost you 30 Glimpses I believe and can be used to fast travel to other sisters.

If you are running low on Glimpses, you can use your items to get more or go out and farm some enemies. The Fog enemies tend to drop them more frequently but they also kill you faster. When you have the mask, you can use it to travel to any of the locations you have already visited. I didn’t get to test it with a Gland in my inventory so I don’t know if it works then. If anyone gets to try, leave us a comment and let us know since that would make the journey back home much quicker and easier.

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