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How To Fast Travel In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings)

Fast traveling makes the game infinitely easier and more enjoyable. This guide on How To Fast Travel In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings) explains the games unique fast travel mechanic as, if you don’t actively know where to look, you can miss out unlocking this feature for 10-20 hours.

Lord of the Rings Return To Moria is a more nomadic experience than most survival games. Early on, it’s unlikely you will construct a single base and instead will likely find yourself with several bases spread across different areas. This makes the game very difficult and somewhat cumbersome, traveling back and forth to get materials and supplies every time. Thankfully, however, you can unlock fast travel quite early if you know where to look.

How To Fast Travel In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings)

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At the very first base location, at the start of the game, you will see a broken Map Stone. This is a fast travel location. However, as it’s broken, you cannot use it. Once repaired, you can interact with the Map Stone and it can be used to fast travel to any other Map Stone in the game. There are usually Map Stones at the broken down premade base locations scattered throughout the game, but you can also craft them yourself and place them in locations you frequent.

All you need to do is get some Black Diamond, this is a rare and valuable resource that’s used to both repair and construct Map Stones. They are easy to find, once you know where to look. Find orcs. Not roaming orcs, but those at small camps and towns. They are always near a chest, a locked chest that requires an Orc key.

Destroy the central wooden structure at the heart of the camp, it’s usually right next to the chest. Once you have destroyed it, you will get an Orc Key. You can then use the key to open the chest, and these chests nearly always have Black Diamond in them. You can then use those to repair or craft Map Stones to allow for more fast travel locations.

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